Saturday, June 15, 2013

New DT Remix - Pharrell f. Jay-Z - Frontin (DT Bootleg)

Frontin (DT Bootleg)

Pharrell feat. Jay-Z vs Rolvario/J-Trick

The acapella to Pharrell's 'Frontin' commingles with the J-Trick remix of Rolvario's 'Zahara.' The bond is magic, as the pair blend to create a massive banger of a track, with Pharrell's infectious singing voice leading the charge, and J-Trick beats that will hammer the dance floor. You know me; I'm bringing back the good old shit with the new; this remix is no exception.

My work on the track involved blending and quantizing lyrics to track, rearrangement of the Rolvario track, fixing up the transitions and adding efx, chopping up Pharrell vocal samples and composing their arrangement, adding plugins and efx to vocals, a couple other minor production tweaks, and crafting up the album art.

Tracks Used:
Rolvario feat. Jackelectic - Zahara (J-Trick Remix)
Pharrell feat. Jay-Z - Frontin (acapella)

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DJ White Owl - Wax Trap Vol. 4 (Amsterdam Edition)


- DJ White Owl - Wax Trap Vol. 4 (Amsterdam Edition)

Damn Son, Where'd I find this?? On White Owl's soundcloud; see the link below. I'm starting to feel like Trap is becoming like the rest of EDM; where you just hear all the same shit in every mix. This is why I'm especially excited to share this mix, where you'll be treated to some refreshing and off the radar tracks to ride out to. New iPod candy :-)

Track List:

1. Crew Love (Shlohmo Remix)- Drake feat. Weeknd
2. Cops (Dj Hype)-Jungle track
3. Nobody- Colorhythm
4. Some Purple- Two Fresh
5. Cold Socks- n/a
6. House Party- Hucci
7. Goldie (crisp’s it’s a trap remix)- A$AP ROCKY
8. Climax (keys n krates RMX) Usher x Diplo
9. Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix) Chief Keef
10. Won’t you (be there) (Baauer Remix)
11. Rich As Fuck (SAM F remix)
12. Si Young – Throwin’ Hunda’s
13. Rollup (Baauer Remix) Flosstradamus
14. Scared Now- gLAdiator x stooki sound
15. Pour it up Remix- PANTyRAiD
16. Let’s Go- Antiserum & Mayhem
17. Turn Ape- heRobust
18. The 40 Thieves- Paper Diamond
19. Let’s Get Ratchet- Watapachi & Transcend the Masses
20. I wanna love you (Dillon Francis Remix)- Yeah! Woho!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tommy Trash vs Kid Cudi vs Aoki - Monkey Pursuits Of Happiness (Ken Shorter Edit)


- Tommy Trash vs Kid Cudi vs Aoki - Monkey Pursuits Of Happiness (Ken Shorter Edit)

When the lyrics hit, it's a winner every time; and this is no exception. Dope builds, dope drops, dope breakdowns, and a deep electro feeling. They will sing and then rage their face off. Downloadie for you my Douglas.

Pursuit of Crack

Northbrook - Dance (Chubby Mix)


- Northbrook - Dance (Chubby Mix)

The hook in this song is just plain fun; once you know the lyrics, you won't be able to stop yourself from having a sing along. Get infected with this groove. The silly country twang in the lyrics, and honkey tonk instruments that are fixin up the beat are undeniable.

Country Twang Will Make You Sang. Crack Wagon.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Club Killers Radio - Episode 48 - Disco House Mix


- Club Killers Radio - Episode 48 - Disco House Mix

If you don't think much of the chill vibes of disco house, then you will change your mind after listening to this. And if you don't, then send me hate mail haha. This mix is straight dopeness; perfect for a pregame, pool party, or opening set. Also, do yourself a favor and get familiar with the DJs representing the Club Killers, and peep their podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud for more crack music. And in the great words of the Notorious BIG, "if you don't know, now you know, N"inja :)

Disco Disco Disco Crack

Steve Angello Vs Da Hool - Knas Parade (Discokid 2011 Edit)


- Steve Angello Vs Da Hool - Knas Parade (Discokid 2011 Edit)

Two things aren't always better than one. However, in this instance, the Love Parade and Knas are two things that fit together like a musical jigsaw; and when these to puzzle peaces make their connection, the picture is one of excellence. I can do this all night folks haha. Enough with the metaphors; download the crack!

Parade de la Crack

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sak Noel - Loca People (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)


- Sak Noel - Loca People (Kennedy Jones Trap Remix)

Viva la fiesta; What the Fuck! This is a fine Trap remix; guaranteed to pleasantly surprise you when this thing drops. If you know anything about Kennedy Jones, u know he is holding it down for Trap; so check out the Crack on his SC page. Get it.

'Like' for Crack


- Euan Cross - On The Floor 001 (With Phil Finlay & Luca Marino)

The first track will blow your mind! I can definitely appreciate someone who opens their mix up with a creative mix or some creative DJing. This is a stellar EDM mix; 2 hours solid good good. When you need mix for your next workout / pre-game / commute / whatever, this is your next go to. Ahhh, yup!

Cross Crack

R. Kelly - Ignition (Wuki Bootleg)


- R. Kelly - Ignition (Wuki Bootleg)

Wow. This shit bangs. Bringin back the "toot toot" and the "beep beep" lol, and there is no better way to do it than with this fresh banger from DJ Wuki. I'm not sure what the original track under the R. Kelly lyrics is, but the two go together like eggs and cheese big baby. :)

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fedde Le Grand vs. Audien - Wayfarer Sparks (MaximaL Mashup)


- Fedde Le Grand vs. Audien - Wayfarer Sparks (MaximaL Mashup)

Well, the Wayfarer track is make's me say Good God Get Fired Up. But even the best and most bad ass of instrumental tracks can always use some vocals; insert the 'Sparks' lyrics off of the Fedde track, and we got Crack. I couldn't find any info on 'MaximaL,' except for his profile on Living Electro. Thanks my douglas, whoever you are.

{ Click the DL Link to Preview this track! }

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